• Selecting and recommending schools, based upon “best fit”
  • Mapping and scheduling tours and visits; accompanying families on visits upon request
  • Helping students complete applications, including brainstorming and guidance on essays
  • Framing application packages to create a unique impression and story from the admissions perspective
  • Resume and interview preparation
  • Guiding student-athletes through parallel admissions/athletics
  • Helping theater, music, art, and dance students with preparing portfolios and auditions, including online media representation
I really appreciated getting the chance to work with each of you during the college application and decision process. Please recall that when we first met, I was considering a wide variety of schools. Throughout our discussions you provided insightful information and candid feedback regarding my academic interests and the potential programs both in the US and abroad. Your experience and knowledge about schools, their cultures, and admission processes were exceptionally helpful and allowed me to better refine my evaluation of the various academic programs and ultimate school selection. Most notably to me and my parents was the time you took to listen and learn about me. Based on those conversations, you introduced me to programs that I had not considered. Our up-front work together paid-off, as I was fortunate to have received a number of acceptances from which to choose. In the end, my choice was the school you recommended for me.

Even post acceptances, your insight and experience with the financial services departments and overall academic process – especially incorporating the “Dr. D. chart” - was equally important in my selection process. I truly appreciated all the tools/tips you shared along the way – not only for those applicable to the college decision process but as well as for preparing my transition into college.

I look forward to staying in touch and working together as we keep an eye on the potential for post-graduate studies in the coming years.

Thank you again for your support and it was great to have the whole team available each time we met – a wonderful blend of experiences, perspectives, and personalities.

Have a wonderful summer.

Best regards,

Anonymous - Concord-Carlisle High School ‘17