College Tours, for Just $43,500

When it comes to finding the perfect college, the sky’s the limit.

For $43,500 — about $1,000 more than the average cost at a private four-year college — families can buy a 10-hour “jet card” for a private plane to whisk them to and from prospective schools. “I wouldn’t call it a budget saver,” said Joshua Hebert, chief executive of Magellan Jets, which offers the package. “It’s always going to be more expensive than commercial, but it’s substantially more convenient.”

Planes seat nine. Conveniences include door-to-door chauffeur service; notepads for assembling pro/con lists, summarized and typed up for you at trip’s end; and — once the big decision is made — a gift basket of school apparel.

This year, 29 families have given the service a try, mainly in Florida, the Northeast and California, Mr. Hebert said.

The company recently added a similar package for families weighing another milestone decision: which summer camp to choose.