The Waiting Game

March 27, 2014, 3:06pm, Topics: deferred, rejected, deferral letter, followup, waitlist, college options, admission

Some of you may have heard from your colleges already. If you are still waiting, or have been waitlisted from your favorites colleges, it is important for parents and students to have patience and get a handle on the following:

  • Contact Your Schools: Call all of the schools you have not heard from and check on your application package to make sure it is complete. This time of year is difficult for admissions offices because they often have not received everything they need to make a decision on you! Call and help everyone in the process. The office manager or assistant can often pull up your file on the computer and provide you with your status. 
  • Keep in Touch: If you are waitlisted, be sure to return your response form if you want to remain on the waitlist. Additionally, write a letter to go into your file for your "first choice" colleges, providing an update of your activities and grades while emphasizing your love for their school and intention of attending. Provide relevant updates on your life; a great grade on a paper, a recently acquired honor or award, making an athletic team, being cast in a play, or an extra recommendation letter. The students who keep in touch are the first ones off a wait list, as they are showing demonstrated interest in their college of choice. It is okay to ask how many students were placed on the wait list last year, and how many of those gained admission. 
  • Explore Your Options: There are reputable colleges that will still consider your application. If you feel or your family feels as if you want more choices for next year, please call and set up an appointment to explore your options. 
  • Make the Best of the Situation: It's tough to be deferred from your dream school, but it may be a signal to move on. Once you have completed all the steps to follow up with the admissions office, focus your energy on making your best choice possible among the places to which you've been admitted, and the positive contributions these schools could make toward your life. 
  • Let us know the good news! The decision of where to attend can be the toughest of all, and we are looking forward to assisting in the decision-making process. Remember, you can be quite happy at more than one college.

It is a tough a year as ever. Remember that being waitlisted means you are still in the game! Now, college admissions representatives want to see if you are serious about wanting to attend.