College Shocker: Tweet Leads to Revoking Acceptance

4:44pm, Wednesday, January 15th, 2014, Topics: admissions, social media, twitter, grandma test, revoke acceptance

Social media may not get a student a college admission letter but according to yesterday's article on, it can turn an acceptance into a rejection:

One student…tweeted that she had been rejected from Columbia, her first choice, but that she was accepted at NYU with an exceptionally generous scholarship.
That was innocent enough until the follow-up tweet blurted out that she planned to attend NYU and then transfer to Columbia. NYU got wind of the tweets and revoked her acceptance.

As early decision applicants get the answer to their admission applications and others prepare for their turn, it is a word to the growing wise to use social media to help not hinder goals.

Here are three major posting rules:

  1. Grandma rule Be sure each post passes Grandma muster were she to read it.
  2. Golden rule Post about others as one would like to be posted about.
  3. Silver rule Don’t post about others in ways that one would not like to be posted about.

Apply the rules to social media and best express thoughts and define an online image to form an online reputation. Align profiles with college and job applications to highlight accomplishments, hobbies, interests, experiences, community service, honors and awards.