The Dromgoole Center for Admission

Personalized Admissions Counseling

The prep school and college selection and application process is a journey, and every journey begins with a single step.  Take your first step in the right direction with your knowledgeable guides, The Dromgoole Center for Admission.  Our family-based business has over 45 years of experience helping students and families navigate the ever-changing admissions landscape with a warm, thoughtful, and welcoming approach.  Our goal is to help students find the right fit-schools for them, and ensure that their application materials are customized and share their story in order to get the best read possible in admissions.

Next to buying a home, a college education is your second biggest expenditure.  Invest wisely.

Don’t travel alone.  We can help you reach your destination.

We offer personal admissions counseling services for:

  • college

  • private school

  • post graduate year

  • transfer students

  • tutoring

  • gap year

  • graduate school applicants

  • career counseling/ profiling

  • educational crisis intervention

  • advising in all areas **Skype, facetime or google hangout appointments available

Thoughtful professionals with a personal touch. The Dromgoole Center for Admission was everything my son needed and more.
Thank you so much for all of your help this past year. Words cannot describe how much easier and more fun this experience has been with your guidance.
I can’t thank you enough, if it weren’t for The Dromgoole Center I would have gone somewhere else and my life would be completely different.

The Dromgoole Center For Admission, LLC
CONCORD, MA  01742